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  • Balanced Armature
  • 3.5mm connector
  • Wired In-Ear Earphones Headphones
  • MXH-DBA700


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Constructed with two perfectly complementing hybrid drivers, the MXH-DBA700S offers acoustic superiority.

The Balanced Armature driver boasts an impressive higher frequency range whilst the Dynamic Driver reveals a broad range from a bassy low-pitch up to a crisp alto voice.

This results in an excellent treble without compromising the bass response.Balanced armature is often used in hearing aid devices and stage microphones, enhancing

the vocals and providing accurate reaction on the high frequency range.This is an essential sound characteristic for premium In-ear headphones for consumers.

  • Dynamic drivers for alto voice and low-pitched voice: offering a rich and dynamic sound on the entire sound range.
  • Dual Dynamic drivers overcome the deficiency of standard single drivers by delivering big and wide sound ensuring you hear every note in your music profile without any loss of clarity. 6mm treble driver at the front (tweeter) and 8mm bass driver at the back (woofer).
  • Neodymium magnet-with high magnetic force further improves tone quality.
  • Stylish flat cable– firm and hard-to-twist flat cable.
  • Antibacterial earpieces (XS/S/M/L 4 sizes)– comfortable anti-bacterial earpieces made with sterilizing silver ion, to avoid bacteria making direct contact with the ears.
  • Stylish flat anti-tangle cable and travel pouch
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What is Balanced Armature?

Balanced armatures (BAs) consist of a coil wrapped around an armature. This coil is suspended between two magnets. As electric current passes through the coil its changes causes fluctuations between the magnet and the coil. Changes in the magnetic field then cause the armature to vibrate at about a thousand times per second. A diaphragm connected to the armature moves as a result creating sound waves. This particular method is best at targeting specific frequency ranges and can be tuned to do so by using a cross-over method. Basically, this cross-over will split the sound signal into multiple frequency lines and these lines are sent to a multiple drivers. This is why IEMs tend to have multiple drivers to increase their reach in terms of frequency response.

BA drivers are called “balanced” because there is no net force applied to the armature when it is centered in the magnetic field. Because of this, balanced armatures are better at isolating sound.

What does this all mean? Put simply better clarity, crisp sounds and pristine detail in sound frequency.


  • Driver: 8mm
  • Impedance: 16ohms
  • Cord Length: 1.2m
  • Response: 20-20,000hz
  • Balanced Armature
  • Sensitivity: 104+-3dB
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